Thursday, December 04, 2008

Democracy inaction

After writing the previous post Governor General Michaelle Jean brought down her decision. I am saddened to say that she agreed to a prorogation.

I can't write more now, but the Globe and Mail has coverage here.


Monica said...

Just one month ago today our neighbours to the south gave us a huge reason to have hope and belief in the future. And now this? Our own government has back-pedalled and is now hiding like an ostrich, in order to escape from the constitutional process involved with no-confidence. So, now we must wait until only 6 days after the US inauguration to recommence the parliamentary procedures and possible get the economic crisis on track. So how does the average person/family, or the small-business sector, or anyone else sleep over the Christmas season, knowing that the government is even too frightened to stand up and take charge!?!

MadJenny said...

My sentiments exactly Monica!
Thank you!