Thursday, October 02, 2008

Some Interesting Election Sites

Some interesting sites that have cropped up this election time (bearing in mind that I'm definitely not a Conservative, and these are things I find interesting):

Vote For Environment
For those interested in ABC (Anything But Conservative) the creators of this site have been analyzing each riding, and offer up to the minute suggestions of how to vote to ensure that the Conservative candidate cannot win.

Democratic Space
Projections, riding-by-riding discussions, blogs, etc., etc., etc.

Extreme Makeover Harper Edition
A fun little site from the NDP allows you to dress Harper in a variety of outfits. Each outfit includes information about how the Conservative government's policies have harmed the groups represented by the costume.

The Department of Culture
Get all your arts and culture issues here.


the free encyclopedia of Conservative scandals

In response to the Conservative site: Not a Leader -
The Liberals have: This is Dion -

And then of course, there's this:

I'm not sure what's more disturbing - the satire, or the real video:


My favourite bit of tonight's debate: When Layton asked if the Conservative platform was under Harper's sweater! Ha!

Also - I enjoyed Elizabeth May. I thought she was pretty impressive on a lot of the issues. I enjoyed her bringing up the IMF and NAFTA on the healthcare issue.

I thought Dion did pretty well too. He got his points across, and had good eye contact with the camera. Harper's smirk just made me angry every time he talked.

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ru said...

i heard the sweater comment on the news after, and i just about wet myself! absolutely classic!!