Monday, October 06, 2008

Now I Know my ABCs

So I've been turned into an ABC voter, without even having to think about it. I'm actually rather disappointed.

First off, ABC voter? That would be Anything But Conservative.

How did I become an ABC person?

Simple. My riding started off with four candidates, one from each of Conservative, Liberal, NDP, and Green.

The Green candidate has dropped out because of "family reasons". Unfortunate.

The NDP candidate has been proven to be a phantasm. That is, he has no web presence. He has not been interviewed in any of the local press, despite each local news source stating that they have tried to reach him. He has no signs posted on people's lawns. He did not participate in any of the all-candidates meetings that have been held to date. As far as I can tell, he doesn't exist. Well, except in three specific places. First, on the Elections Canada site (which still lists the Green candidate, so we know how reliable that is). Second, on the NDP site (but in name only - why is there no biography?). Third, in this rather painful video clip.

So this leaves me with the Liberals. I'm not against my Liberal candidate. He's been in the seat for a couple of terms, and seems like a competent and intelligent person.

I do feel somewhat distressed at having the decision of which party to vote for taken away from me. There is nothing on earth that will cause me to vote for a Stephen Harper led Conservative government. Their ideals are so completely in opposition to my own that I can't conceive of a time in which I would think a Conservative leadership for the country was a good idea. So, I'm stuck voting Liberal. Not for a party, but against a party. It is disheartening.

Tonight was an all-candidates meeting for my riding. This proved to be a debate between the Liberal candidate and the Conservative candidate. I decided to sit in the back row, in case I got bored and wanted to duck out before the end. Turns out, the back row is not the place to sit! It is home to every rabble-rowsing old codger known to man. I was next to a Liberal voter, who kept making comments and shouting out "lies! lies!" when the Conservative was speaking. Next to this guy's wife was a Conservative voter who kept shouting out things like "you want the lettuce to cost $10, not $8" (no lies. I'm totally serious. There was all sorts of hoopla about the previously mentioned lettuce ad). The gentlemen who were wandering around collecting people's questions for the candidates had to keep coming over and speaking sternly to the gents. At one point the Conservative guy said something that offended the Liberal, who started going on about "typical Tory crassness" and I thought they were going to come to blows. It was all rather exciting.

Far more exciting, in fact, than the candidates themselves. The Conservative candidate had a lot to say about why Conservatives are better than Liberals, but absolutely nothing concrete. Again! The lack of any kind of platform was made abundantly clear. Sadly, this guy was wearing a suit, so the platform can't possibly be hidden under his sweater vest! The Liberal candidate had a lot of facts and figures, but wasn't particularly engrossing. I don't think he'll ever be an important player on the hill, but I'd rather see him there than the Conservative any day.

Now that I've had my choice made for me, I'm ready for this election to be over.



Matthew said...

It's election time in Canada, so once again it's time for everyone to start strategically voting for the lesser of 4 evils. I also have the election blues.

MadJenny said...

Every election I think This - THIS is the time there is going to be someone or something inspirational that I can vote for and believe in, and become completely impassioned about, and THIS is the time that we're going to have a leader worth electing. And every time it is the same old blah. So disheartening.