Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sense Memories

I'm sitting here, amongst piles of papers that are being sorted and crafting supplies that are finding new homes, having the strongest sense of childhood familiarity. Strange, it would seem, in an apartment I've lived in for only just over three years, looking at materials that never saw the inside of Burlington. But, there are other factors going on here that make the whole experience so familiar.

On the television is one of my favourite viewing items from childhood, the CBC miniseries event Anne of Green Gables - Anne and Diana are in Charlottetown visiting Aunt Josephine Barry as I type. I can still remember the first time this played on the television. We'd borrowed a VCR so that we could tape it. Yes! This was before we owned a VCR! It was December and we were getting set for Christmas. During one evening of the showing we made up little potpourri satchels that we were giving as Christmas gifts. I can still remember pausing with half tied satchels to look up and watch important scenes. During another part of the showing I remember lying on the floor setting up the donkeys and sheep in our plastic Nativity set, and building a log cabin to function as the stable. Oooh! Now we're up to the bit where Anne floats down the river playing the Lilymaid in the boat that sinks.

Another part of this strangely overwhelming sense memory situation is the smells. There's a deliciously comforting array of aromas emanating from my kitchen, as I have two very scent heavy dishes cooking away. One, is a turkey with thyme and parsley dish in the slow cooker. The other is a butternut squash, yam, and carrot soup. There are onions and herbs in the mix. It smells like childhood Sunday evening dinner.

Outside there is one of those perfect autumn rainfalls going on. It is a lot of rain, but it is falling so straight, and so gently, that it makes only a soft, comfortable sound as it hits the ground. I'm so glad I took the A/C out already so that I can have the window wide open, and that lovely sound in the background.

Finally, I've been drinking some Earl Grey tea. That very aromatic tea brings back very strong feelings of home, as it was always our special treat tea.

The stunning combination of scent, sight, sound, and taste. Mmmmmmm.

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