Thursday, September 11, 2008

Project Declutter

Labour Day weekend my family (extended) participated in a group Resonance Repatterning session, in which we dealt with a family challenge - hanging on to clutter. Stuff clutter. Emotional clutter. Mental clutter. Every kind of clutter you can imagine. Resonance repatterning sessions involve talking about what your issue is that you want to deal with, finding statements of positive changes, or non-changes with acceptance, that you want to make, and working at putting yourself in a state where those changes can come into effect. My aunt K. is a certified resonance repatterning practitioner - see more about her services here. Group family sessions at the end of the summer are something we started last year, and tried again this year.

Some of the positive statements this year include:
  • I experience the reward of increased energy that comes from dealing with my clutter and staying focused on the task and following through to completion. I set up systems and procedures to maintain my living space in a consistent ongoing way.
  • I am guilt-free in letting go of my old stuff.
  • We let go of things that no longer give us energy.
We also decided that we need to acknowledge our small successes in this project, so that we can celebrate how we are growing.

My propensity towards pack-rattiness is so hardcore that decluttering my space is quite overwhelming. I've got a plan worked out where I do one small project every day, in the hopes that cumulatively I will get this place decluttered sometime in the next year or so.

So far:
  • Sunday, September 7 - uninstall window A/C and rearrange the storage cupboard when putting it away to make winter items more easily accessible
  • Monday, September 8 - clean off bedside table - throwing away old ticket stubs and receipts that had, for some reason, been residing there.
  • Tuesday, September 9 - hunt down and return library materials I've been renewing for far too long and not actually using
  • Wednesday, September 10 - Clean out freezer, disposing of freezer-burned remains of packets of frozen vegetables or pierogies that I will never eat, and have no memory of purchasing.
  • Thursday, September 11 - clean out top drawer of bathroom storage unit, disposing of no longer elasticky hair elastics, and eye shadows that haven't been worn for two years, not to mention dried up nail polishes.
So I'm starting with small tasks, but they are all things I can get done in the time I have available. I've got three days off this weekend, so I can probably get slightly larger tasks done. Perhaps not though. It isn't so overwhelming when it is small projects like this.

Look for more updates throughout the fall.


Deranged Squirrel said...

One of my problems with clutter is that I have no follow through. In the late Spring/early Summer I went on a mad de-cluttering spree and really downsized my kitchen. I boxed everything up neatly and have yet to make it to Goodwill to drop them off. This Goodwill mountain is so big that I don't have the ambition to pack it all in the car. I also have boxes for each of my family members that I have yet to deliver. Ack.

MadJenny said...

I don't think my shear volume of stuff that other people might want is on a level with yours quite yet. However, I do have A LOT of paper with stuff written on it that once felt important, but I'm not sure why. Also, a lot of things like Christmas cards people sent me 5 years ago that just say "Merry Christmas", so why do I need to hold on to them? That sort of thing....