Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some things I've been wondering

  1. Why is it that one can get through any number of novels during a three week library borrowing period, but can never finish even the most interesting non-fiction book in the allotted time? Even when one has been waiting and there is a waiting list which one will now have to sit through again before resuming the read?
  2. Why do all the customers you've been waiting to have a chance to chat with about a topic of great interest insist on coming in and then leaving again while you're stuck dealing with the world's most annoying complainer?
  3. Why, in an age of power conservation, do we keep our buildings too hot in the winter, and too cold in the summer?
  4. Why does one waste away the glorious morning time one has at one's disposal on days when one works evenings, and then wonder why there is never enough time to get everything done?
  5. Why is one suddenly not at all inspired to read the store of exciting looking new YA novels one picked up at one's last meeting, choosing instead to read fairly dull things that one will likely not remember later?
  6. Why would any parent, even a vapid gurl-powery popstar, name their child Bluebell? Particularly if their last name was Halliwell? And, why has it taken one apparently two years to notice this horror on a magazine in the check-out line?
  7. Why do women agree to pay nearing $10 for a pair of pantyhose that will likely get a run the first time they are worn? Have the prices gone up recently?
  8. Why are more people not complaining about the poor public transit system rather than the price of gas in this current gas "crisis"? Better, cheaper, public transit would solve the gas, traffic, and environment problems, would it not?
  9. Why do slightly skeevy landlords insist on shouting at hapless superintendents directly outside one's door on days when one does not need to be up before 8am?
  10. Why do people find it enjoyable to hang about in plaza/fast food restaurant parking lots on weekday evenings?

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