Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Law of Three

The Law of Three, by Caroline Renni Pattison

Sequel to The Whole, Entire, Complete Truth, or, book to in the Sarah Martin Mystery series.


I was quite hard on The Whole, Entire, Complete Truth when it came out. I stand by that appraisal, but I am also going to say that the author has improved on that shaky start to the series with this, the second entry.

The Law of Three sees Sarah Martin still stuck in Muskoka, and still trying to fit in. One day she drops a book in the hallway and accidentally bumps into a girl with what must be the world's biggest chip on her shoulder. Rumours surround this girl. She murdered someone! She's a devil worshiper! Her family was in the mafia and now they're in the witness protection program! Sarah, being a junior detective, and inveterate busybody will not rest until she finds out the truth behind all of these rumours. Along the way, Sarah meets Byron, the angry girl's younger brother, and does end up solving the mystery while also making a new friend.

This is a pleasing mystery read, fast paced, and intriguing. There is suspense, and a few red herrings to keep the reader guessing. Again, I can't picture the book becoming a must-read, but it is enjoyable enough, and worth adding to the YA mystery collection. It is safe for younger YA readers, but might still find an audience with slightly older kids.

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