Monday, June 16, 2008

Book Expo!

This weekend was Book Expo Canada! What's that? Why it is Canada's largest book and publishing industry trade show. Librarians get into the trade show part for cheap. Like really cheap. We get to see all the new books that are coming out. Better yet, we get to meet some of our favourite authors, and get copies of their books signed. On top of that there are piles of other books, some of which are already published, or even backlist, most of which are my very favourite form of book - the ARC, or Advanced Reader Copy. Yep! We get copies of books that haven't even been published yet.

I feel like this year there were maybe fewer ARCs than in past years, and, disappointment of disappointments, I saw people walking around with Inkdeath ARCs, but they were all gone by the time I went looking. That said, I got some great loot, a few summer reading club prizes, and lots of gifts for the next year!

Some highlights. Yet again, getting a signed copy of a Gordon Korman book is a treat. The last time I saw him at book expo I got Born to Rock, which was AMAZING! I only hope The Juvie Three can measure up. The publicity said that Jeremy Tankard would be signing Grumpy Bird posters. But no!!! They had Grumpy Bird board books - and he draws a picture with his signature!

I only got to go for Sunday, as I had to work today. That was a little disappointing. There were some authors appearing today that I really would have liked to meet. Maybe next year!


faerie-writer said...

If I had been at BEC this year, 'Inkdeath' would've been what I would've been trying to score too!

MadJenny said...

Hopefully you'll be there signing next year (hint, hint - it is almost done, right?!?!)

I was reading a book called Tweaked last week that is a YA book in which the hero's brother is a Meth addict, and it was really well written, but also horrible to read, and all I kept thinking was that I would much prefer to be reading about magical addictions than the horror of more human ones.

faerie-writer said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Realism has it's place, of course, but there's just something compelling (and safe?) about creating situations from your imagination that only 'mirror' real life.

TPH is going to get done this summer even if I have to tie myself to a chair! ;)