Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Wasteland, part 2

You may remember me mentioning, last autumn, that the property next to my cottage had been purchased, and the beautiful forest clearcut. The devastation continues, as a monsterific home of ridiculous proportions has gone up in its place. The building is approximately 3 times the size of my parents' 4 bedroom, comfortably sizable house in the city. That's in square footage. AND, the ridiculous thing has a basement! Our properties are on a flood plain! I would like to know how the people got the permits to do that.

It isn't finished yet, and on Victoria Day monday there were workmen there. A holiday for goodness sake.The looming presence of this behemoth threatens to discompose the tranquility of our lovely little cottage. I am quite put out about it. Though, as C said yesterday, we can out party/musicify them any day, and likely will. I am being quite resistant to change here, but the sheer idiocy of going out of town, to live like you are in town, never fails to raise my hackles.

This is what a cottage should look like:

And, because this is a pictorial blog today, and because none of the participants would thank me for showing their messy, dust and such covered faces, the obligatory foot shot. Hooking up the water pipe to the lake!
Yay for cottage season! I can't wait to be up there when it is warmer than 4 celsius!

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