Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mad Vacations and Silly Signs!

Well, it has been nearly an age since I posted, but I have an excuse! I swear! I've been on vacation! And before that I was being very very busy and important. But back to the vacation. The Deranged Squirrel and I both had some holiday time to use up, and a burning desire to see the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. So, we took a wee road trip to Massachusetts and took in a number of very children's librariany sites!

I will post more on the vacation soon, but I simply couldn't wait to begin posting some of the silly signs we found along the way!

Here are a few of my very favourites:

This one was in the Public Gardens in Boston, on what was some of the best paved park pathway space I've ever seen. You're also not allowed to rollerblade or skateboard, but that is only on the sign on a post at the entrance, not painted at regular intervals on the incredibly invitingly bike-pathy walkways throughout the park.

I'm kicking myself for failing to juxtapose this with the full parking lot directly beneath the sign. Yes. You read that correctly. This is posted in a parking lot in Salem.

Do not park you ice cream in this lot! This lot is for cars! The ice cream parking lot is down the street a little way.

Heh. And perhaps my favourite. Which speaks for itself.

I have other signs, and lots of other pictures and anecdotes, tall tales, etc., to share. That will have to happen later. For now I must go and face an overflowing inbox at work!


False Prophet said...

Hmm, didn't get a chance to check out the Boston Public Garden last year, but did walk briefly through Boston Common. But sounds like you guys had a great time!

MadJenny said...

The common and the gardens are right beside each other. So you must have seen them from a distance, even if you didn't know it.
I had forgotten you went to Boston last year!
It was a good trip. Definitely. And I may, or may not, have found you an exemplary shot glass.