Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun with Stats

With all this template changing extravaganza action over here I've been also playing with my stat counters to make sure everything is reinstalled and working away.

Sometime around mid-April last year the basic hit counter I'd been using crashed. That is, the site that hosted the hit counter crashed, and was down for several days. So I decided to upgrade to something a little more stat-filled. I went with Google Analytics, which promptly also went down for a few days. So then I installed StatCounter, leaving the Analytics code in place. This means I've got fun different stats available to me from both Google Analytics and StatCounter.

I have a somewhat sick fascination with the stats. How many visitors do I have? How long do they stay? Where in the world are they coming from? How are they finding me? Etc. It is a fun little hobby to check in my stat programs, and to compare them with each other.

For instance, Google Analytics tells me that between February 18 and March 17 I had visitors from 18 different countries or territories. And StatCounter tells me that for the last 500 visits received, 22.1% of visits lasted for longer than 1 hour, while 1.3% lasted for 5-30 seconds. This is interesting stuff for nerds everywhere!

The funnest part of the stat monitoring business is following the keywords used to find the site.

According to StatCounter, of the last 500 (that's my limit) visitors, 78 used search engines to access the site with the following keyword:
  • 48 searches for "mad jenny reviews" - this means either (a) I am crazy popular, or (b) 5 people searched for me a lot, or, most likely (c) there is some other person or thing with similar keywords lots of people were looking for
  • 9 searches for various forms of "Here's Tae Us" or "Robbie Burns grace", etc. Who knew? It isn't even January!
  • 3 searches for "Robert Stephen Rooster" - ya baby! Superstar!
  • 8 searches for other members of the National Ballet company or various configurations of "Ballet" and "Rooster"
  • 3 separate searches for "Garth Nix" and "Torrents" in various configurations - and I mean separate, they came from 3 very different parts of the globe. FYI people, I am not going to tell you how to torrent a Garth Nix book for 2 very good reasons. (a) I don't have the slightest idea how you'd go about doing that, and (b) he's an awesome writer and you should either suck it up and buy his work, or check your local library.
  • A search for "Tiffany Aching Audiobook torrent". Here, I don't know that book, and also no torrents of books on this site, so leave off people!
  • A search each for "Raintree Rebellion Reviews", "Robin Stevenson", and "Edeet Ravel". Way to go Canadian YA!
  • A search for "Where can I read the Princess Mage online". Ok. (a) - this is another awesome Canadian book - either buy it, cause the author can likely use the sales, or go to your library. If you can get it online I don't know where and I'm not going to help you!
  • A search for "who does gabrielle save in the bonemender's choice" - if this is for homework I've got to tell you, this is a great book, and by cheating you are missing out! Go read it!
  • A search for "christina stelmacovich". Fabulous singer. I've said it before, I'll say it again.
  • And a search for "madtales". You found me!
To this we can add Google Analytics' late February stats, which include:
  • 3 searches for "Paul Kropp Juvie". Yep. This is a really good hi/lo. One of my favourite hi/los. If you are looking for someone who writes those well, Paul Kropp is a good choice.
  • 41 searches for "Mad Jenny Flint". The thing is, this is a common pirate name, so a lot of people find me kind of accidentally while searching for pirate name generators and things.
Interestingly, of the last 630 visits:
  • 344 used Internet Explorer
  • 261 used Firefox
  • 24 used Safari
  • 2 used Opera
I find it interesting how high Internet Explorer is, as most of my people who I know read the blog use Firefox. This leads me to believe that a lot of the one time traffic must be IE users.

For the same group:
  • 383 accessed the sight via cable
  • 119 with DSL
  • 82 unknown ??
  • 44 T1
  • 3 dial-up
I'm not altogether sure what the unknown is.

Anyway, likely this is of little to no interest to anyone besides me, but now I have some stats documented for myself. The thing with free stat accounts is that your data bank is limited, so you lose older information.

Having thoroughly geeked out, I sign off...


kidletsmum said...

Oh, how I love a fellow nerd! I am fanatical about checking the stats on my blog too. And I find it hilarious that my blog, when found through a search engine, is almost always found with the seach terms, "Peppa Pig Knit Pattern." Too bad there aren't any patterns on my site!
As it happens, my sitemeter stats have suddenly stopped. Either no one is reading my blog or something's gone wrong.
So I'm gonna check out Google Analytics on your fine recommendation. I always value the opinion of a fellow nerd!!!

MadJenny said...

Oh fun! I hope it works for you. I actually find to be slightly easier to use, but it isn't quite as good at counting.