Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some Valentiny Thoughts

I don't like Valentine's Day. You might think it is because I'm single. And maybe that is partly the case. Sure I'm bitter and alone and all those other things you could accuse me of in my unreasonable hatred for this day. But it also has to do with the fact that I'm enough of a romantic that the concept of commercializing romance distresses me a bit. The tackiness of everything that goes along with this day. The pressure. It is like New Year's Eve. You are meant to be wildly passionate and loving today, so there is so much pressure to perform that you can't possibly live up to it.

On the other hand, I am a big fan of all things chocolate. So there are some benefits to this holiday. As one coworker pointed out. February 15 is a fabulous day to stock up on discount chocolate (as long as you don't mind the tacky heart shaped packaging). Good point that, and one I am most certainly going to look into!

This evening, a lovely customer brought us a box of lindt chocolate balls. Because she likes us and we're nice to her. That's my kind of Valentine gift!

I had to go to a committee meeting today, so on the way in I picked up a package of those little candy hearts with the messages like "True Love" and "Be Mine" on them, for the group. They're pretty nasty tasting - the yellow ones even taste like that banana flavoured liquid medicine from when you were a kid. But making silly sentences with them is fun!

By the end of the meeting though, I had a sugar headache and was feeling a little off.
Oh well. They price one pays for love messages to oneself I suppose.

Later on, I was sitting at the welcome desk, the front reference desk to the library. At first I was surprised to see all these youngish, dressed-up men milling around in the DVD section. The scent of cologne on the air was a might overwhelming, and that was one of the first hints that something odd was up. Then it occured to me that there were rather a lot of women with high heeled pointy knee-high boots, and died poofy hair. Then it occurred to me that it was Gino and Cougar night - also known as sad-sack singles night - at the library!

Yes folks, there are others out there looking for love! So, next Valentine's Day, if you happen to be without a Valentine, drop by your local public library! I'm thinking of promoting the event next year. We had a great turnout without even trying today, so imagine what we could do with a little marketing power!


Deranged Squirrel said...

I still say better to be single than the recipient of a teddy bear holding a heart that says "I wuv you beary much" Just saying.

MadJenny said...

For sure.

Or, indeed, the slightly disturbing valentine cat(? - perhaps a lion, I'm not sure. It was bright pink) that someone had in the lunchroom today, that when you pressed the thing on its paw that said "squeeze me" purred and shook violently in a very, well, provocative, manner.

False Prophet said...

I've always associated romance with spontaneity, so I find the notion of a culturally-mandated day of spontaneity to be ridiculous. Especially since the gifts associated with this day are so thoughtless, by which I mean no thought was put behind them: chocolate, flowers or jewelry. What an imaginative way to show you know how special she is: getting her the same stuff Hallmark and DeBeers told all the other schmucks to buy. As if all women are "one size fits all" when it comes to displaying affection.

Not that I think material gifts aren't a good way to express affection, but the contrived nature of this day saps all the actual romance out of it.

Then again, I've always managed to be single on Valentine's Day too.

kidletsmum said...

Okay now, don't know the banana-flavoured liquid medicine. I loved that shit. I loved it so much my mom had to keep it in a locked box in the fridge so I didn't take my siblings' medicine or overdose on my own. It's an antibiotic, I believe. And I LOVED it.

Oh... and I'm with ya on the V-Day thing. Which isn't to say I didn't do anything for it. I bought the Kidlet and her dad matching recycled Bugs Bunny journals. And I am the happy recipient of a new bed sheet. We're all about practicality here!

ru said...

i like the idea of a system-wide "gino and cougar" night! though at our end of town, i think we might have to call it "moshe and rivkah" night!

MadJenny said...

FP - I agree for the most part. Sorry to hear about the single.

K - No banana-meds offense intended! I was a fan of the grape flavoured meds myself. Can't remember what they were for. I think you're right about the banana stuff being an antibiotic.

ru - I ran the idea past some people today. My office mate thought it was hilarious and we should also try a singles bookclub with titillating titles. Although we think likely just women would come. The bosslady looked a little startled at the idea, but I might wear her down in time.