Sunday, February 24, 2008

Out with Winter

I've decided that we've had just about enough of winter, and have played bloggergod and made it early September on Mad Jenny Flint's Mad Tales. What a beautiful day we're having on the blog now! A lovely sun-cloud mix. Wheat blowing gently in the field. How wonderfully relaxing!

Looking out my window, the parking lot is full of brownish piled snow. Fully two parking spots in my tiny lot have been taken over by sludge mountain. I'm not sure where those people are parking in the interim. Likely on the street.

We're meant to be getting another 10 cms on Tuesday, and 5 more on Friday. I just looked at the 14 day trend on the Weather Network, and we should get some the following week too. Snow isn't the problem. I'm all for snow. It is pretty. It is fun. Having enough of it means that farmers will likely be ok drought-wise for their farms.

What I don't like is snow aftermath. Gray. Brown. Frozen-slush mounds of hazardous hideousness set out to knock down unwary walkers, and cause drivers to spin dangerously out of control.

Last night I was at a lovely Greek Restaurant in the Kingsway on Bloor. Every few minutes we could hear loud rumbling, and a huge truck filled with snow aftermath would rumble past on its way to dump the stuff in a soon to be hugely polluted unpopulated space. The absolute ludicrousness of this really caught me. As we drove up Mount Pleasant yesterday afternoon a side-street was closed off as the snow was cleared from the roadside and sidewalks by overgrown tonka trucks and loaded into the monstrosities that would later be seen rumbling along Bloor.

It strikes me that there is something fundamentally wrong with our world when we need to pollute it so terribly with those machines, making the roads clear of the brown frozen muck that used to be snow until we polluted it, so that we can drive our pollution causing vehicles to and fro with greater ease.

How have we gotten to this point?

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