Monday, January 14, 2008

Out of Order

Out of Order, by Robin Stevenson

Out of Order tells the story of a girl in grade ten, who has just moved from Ontario to BC, and who is determined that her life and her image will be radically different in her new school. Back in Georgetown, Ontario, she was bullied constantly, and told she was fat. Over the summer, she managed not to eat much, and is now very thin, has new clothes, and big plans to fit in. But, as things turn out, being one of the perfect people is pretty boring, and Sophie finds herself drawn instead to a more interesting and outlandish friend, Zelia. Things go along alright for awhile, but soon Sophie starts to realize that Zelia isn't merely exciting, she's spiralling out of control, and she's taking Sophie along with her.

This is a fairly standard teen angst, dealing with eating disorders, bullying, relationships with friends and parents, etc., book. But, it is well done. Rather than having to put the book down because I couldn't hack the trauma, I found myself drawn in, and needing to keep reading.

I would recommend this for 14-15 year olds. It deals with some tough issues honestly. It also has moments of fun. Quite a good read.

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