Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland!

I just got back from a lovely walk in the snow. Why? Because I'm in crazy Christmas prep mode and I was hoping the Shopper's Drugmart at the plaza up the way would have some construction paper. They didn't. But I did go to the Loblaws next door to stock up on some cooking supplies - as my previous dinner plans likely won't happen now, I need to cook some dinner! Turkey tacos here I come! I also chatted with a bunch of complete strangers on the road. Why do storms bring out the friendly in people? I don't know. But it is great. I've felt really isolated in this neighbourhood where the only person who knows my name is crazy M. down the hall. And she's crazy. In a delightful, if tedious, elderly person telling you all their woes kind of way. Crazy nonetheless, and my only neighbourhood acquaintance.

Anyway, it is beautiful out there. White and fluffy, and for the most part unadulterated by the grime of cars and sanding. We haven't, as far as I can remember, had a storm this beautiful for years. At least not around here. There were maybe some events this pretty when I was living in London (Ontario) and even in Halifax. I remember one particular snow/ice event in Halifax that left the trees in the Quad dripping in glorious light-catching icicles. But around here it usually devolves into a gray/brown muckiness pretty quickly. Not today!

So when I got back I rushed right in and got my camera. This has to be documented. Please bear in mind that I live on a road of old walk-up apartment buildings, so it isn't too scenic. But you get the idea.

The front of my building. The snow is about a foot deep on the ground in parts.

And another view of the front. Snow can make even the most institutional of 1940s buildings look a little whimsical.

The parking lot in the back. About an hour before this they had the car owners they could round up move their cars to allow a plow to do its thing. Luckily I've got an "indoor" spot so I didn't have to move mine. And I won't have to dig it out later.

The road - there is angle parking all up and down the street. Most of the buildings don't have enough parking for the residents. I parked in an angle spot for the first year I lived here until someone moved and I got their spot. Some of the cars in the angle spots are completely buried already and the plow hasn't even been by yet.

It is days like this that make me love Canada. I don't really have to be anywhere. I did have plans, but none that can't be altered. And it is just so glorious to look at. I wouldn't give up the beauty of snow for a temperate climate. Sure, on days when I have to slog through this to get to work I dream about it a little. But today. Today I'm in love with snow. I might go out and play again later. It isn't packing snow, but there is a lovely toboggan run around the corner, and a lot to see.

For now, I'm sipping some chocolate hazlenut coffee, listening to the King's College, Cambridge, choir singing some traditional Christmas carols, and working on finishing some Christmas crafts by my Christmas tree. What could be lovelier?

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