Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland! Again.

Well, I did go out again, but not to toboggan. I didn't seem to have an appropriate sliding implement around the apartment. Something to rectify before the next storm. All the tobogganers seemed to be having a delicious time out there.

Anyway, more documentation of the great pre-Christmas storm of '07.

I trudged through some rather deep snow to get a couple pics of a lovely tree. Note the snow encrusting my trouser leg - above the boot. Those boots come halfway to my knee. So you know that snow was deep. But light as a feather.

This is the tree in question. A lovely big evergreen with a crooked top. Just like the Little Crooked Christmas Tree. Isn't it glorious with all that snow?

My street did get plowed at some point this afternoon. It usually gets done fairly early as there is a bus that comes along. Those poor angle parked cars are going to have fun tomorrow though.

After the plow had done its thing, some of the piles were about half my height, or maybe a little more. This poor little sign is almost covered!

And it is a fairly important sign, as my street is a boulevard, and people need to drive on the correct side of the median!

It is still snowing! This was the view from my living room window at about 4:00 this afternoon.

On the whole, I'm glad I'm not working tomorrow. I can wait until the roads are cleared before venturing out in earnest. In the meantime, I'm enjoying this reprieve from the ravages of global warming. I realize that the extremeness of the weather is all part of the damage done to our environment, but the return of real winter is kind of exciting.

And, finally, proof that yes I am the crazy person who runs about with a camera in a snowstorm. A self-portrait.


ru said...

i think i probably have a spare cardboard box lying around - lay that puppy flat and you will be flying down the hills in no time! let me know if you want it!

MadJenny said...

Oooh! Cardboard box. Good plan!
I can probably filch one from the library storage area.