Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wedding Gowns

A few weeks ago my parents, aunt K. and I were looking at some old dresses in the back bedroom at my grandparents' home. Not only was this wedding gown of my grandmother's from 1945 there, but also my great grandmother's wedding gown from 1914. I don't have an electronic picture of my great grandmother, though they do exist, and I shall try to find one. This dress is actually still in incredibly good shape. A little yellowed, but otherwise, it still looks great. Unfortunately the 1914 dress, which was a lace over-dress with satin under is coming apart really terribly, and is now a dull gray colour.

Finding the dresses was really amazing though. That house is full of treasures. The dresses though particularly appeal to me. Back in the day I really wanted to study costume design. I dreamed of working in the costume warehouse at Stratford or similar. So looking at old clothing, and especially old clothing with family significance is always really cool.

Wasn't she elegant? My grandmother?

Note - I'm experimenting with posting pics straight from flickr - so if the picture doesn't show up for you, please let me know. Thanks!


False Prophet said...

Very elegant.

My mom found her wedding dress a couple of weeks ago. Happily, it still fit her. It wasn't a very elegant dress though. My parents didn't have a very big wedding--just a handful of relatives from each side, two days after Christmas. Not a long honeymoon either--my dad was a musician and had a big New Year's gig to play.

MadJenny said...

Still Fits? That is pretty exciting!

My grandparents' wedding also wasn't large. They got married in Bermuda (where they were stationed) in the end of April 1945. So the war was still on. And my grandfather's brother had been killed in action in that February. So it wasn't really over the top. But, my grandfather's parents were able to be there, as my great grandfather got special leave because of his recent bereavement. So they were able to have some joy in the midst of all that pain - and they were still in transit back to Canada on VE day, which the got to celebrate in New York City. So that was pretty incredible.