Friday, November 30, 2007

We should have been born rich!

Or maybe we need to find a sugar daddy of our very own. Either way, the Deranged Squirrel and I can shop! We're fast. We have great taste. And we feel only slightly overwhelmed by our own spending. Today we managed to spend $11,000 (not our own) in just over two and a half hours. All of it on books. Ok, not all - we also bought some non-fiction DVDs. But mostly books. Oh the glory of it all! I want to be a fulltime book buyer. We were giddy when we were done, and it was exhausting. But oh was it exciting.

One of the best books I made sure that we picked up today was Grumpy Bird, by Jeremy tankard. In my opinion, this is one of the very best picture books of the year. I love it. It has that perfect combination of simplicity, action, and fabulous artwork. A must read for all picture book enthusiasts. And great for the library. Just look how cute that grumpy little bird is.!

I'm now in Burlington, getting set to decorate the parental home for the festive season. Perhaps not this evening. It is getting rather late, and it has been quite a long day. But tomorrow. I'm excited. It is much more fun to decorate a full-sized house than a tiny apartment. Yet another reason I should have been born rich. Oh well.

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Azura said...

I love Grumpy Bird!!!