Monday, November 12, 2007

This and That

As I sit here sipping chocolate hazlenut coffee and listening to Mozart's Adagio and Menuetto, you might think I'm rather sophisticated altogether. Until, that is, you look at my messy be-ponytailed hair, hands covered in residual glue and puffy paint, bare feet, red with snowmen pj bottoms and definitely not matching bright pink T-shirt.

And it brings to mind an article I saw linked from the page that opens up when you first log in to hotmail about Suri Cruise hosting a tea party for 10 of her playmates and 15 adults at the oh so chic Carlyle Hotel, in the Bemelmen Bar - which I actually totally want to visit because the Bemelmen in question is the Bemelmen of Madeline fame, and they have some of the artwork. That aside, Suri Cruise is 18 months old. And, in the oh so chic place, what did they serve? Fries. Mac and Cheese. Burgers. Why not just have a party where the kids can play if you're going to serve kid food anyway? What does an 18 month old want with a fancy locale for her overeating and chasing around after the other tots?

The above showing that yes. I am shallow. And I'm ok with it. Celebrity gossip offers a glimpse into the crazy overindulgent world of the overly wealthy, and I love it. If I can't be a pill popping glamazon myself, I can at least read about them.

Linked from this article was another with the headline "Emma is a Friend and Admirer of Gay Wizards". Snort. Who comes up with these things? Basically the article involves seemingly down to earth with a good head on her shoulders teen actress Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger) wondering why people are so overly excited and offended that Dumbledore is gay. This is then followed by some salacious tidbits about her love life or lack there-of.

But getting back to the Dumbledore is gay thing. I realize I haven't made any comment on the subject on this blog. What do I have to say? Well. Go back and read the "King's Cross" chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and see if you don't find yourself appreciating the even greater levels of Dumbledore's history as they emerge. I'm glad to know this element of this person. I'm glad that no big deal was made of it in the books, because for once we are allowed to see a gay character in a book for children that is in no way stereotypical, or essentialised for his sexual orientation. And while people might complain that he is not shown in any form of relationship, it must be mentioned that neither are any of the other teachers. This series is written from the student's point of view, and teachers' outside relationships don't form a part of the student-teacher interaction. And basically. What's the big deal?

And. Moving along. Susan Juby mentioned this blog on her blog!!! How cool is that?!?!?! I'm giddy. Thanks to Faerie_writer for bringing my review to her attention! And, while you're at it, read Faerie_writer's books. They're excellent YA fantasy. Can't wait for book three!

Well, I guess that's it for now. Back to the house cleaning and dishes. Sigh. Where is that harem?

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