Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sexy? Really?

So People Magazine's annual Sexiest Man Alive issue has been released. Matt Damon was named sexiest man, which I might quibble with, but hey, what do I know. I haven't actually seen the magazine, but from the People website, it appears to largely feature the standard stream of hollywood hunks. That is, it appears to mostly feature the standard hollywood hunks. But one name is a bit of a shock. That's right. Rainn Wilson - aka Dwight Schrute - is on the list!

I mean. I love him. But this is not sexy.

Delightfully weird. Yes. Fabulous comic timing. Also yes. Sexy? Really?

Take a look at his really funny sexy man interview. He clearly finds the whole thing a bit amusing too.

I'm going to have to break with tradition and look at People Magazine to see if there is something about this lovely actor that I've missed.


Francis Wooby said...

Every couple of years Hollywood gets a new pet "real looking" (read:homely) guy to fawn over. For a while it was that Seymour Hoffman dude who played Capote. Tommy "Baldy" Lee Jones was in for a bit. James "Tony Soprano" Gandolfini was hot stuff for a long time. The lumpy little guy from "Sideways" is pretty up there right now. And the list goes on. Some of it, I think, comes from an actual respect for their superior talent. The rest, though, is lame trendiness. "Look at me, I'm an intelligent connoisseur. I like non-hunk actors. la-di-da..." Sorry, was that obviously bitter?

MadJenny said...

Very good points Francis. Maybe they are trying to lend some sort of bizarre credibility to the whole exercise or something.

And also, isn't bitterness what one comes to expect from Francis? Aren't you world famous for your ability to embitter even the most lighthearted souls?

MadJenny said...

Also - can I say how much I love that you called that dude from "Sideways" the "lumpy little guy". I think that is my new favourite phrase.

Francis Wooby said...

Well, yeah, I guess I do have my gifts...