Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Schooled, By Gordon Korman

When Cap is thirteen he drives his grandmother to the hospital, and finds himself in a foreign world. Why? Because Cap, short for Capricorn, has lived on a commune with his grandmother Rain for his whole life. They are the last two remaining residents of the commune, and Cap is homeschooled. So really, Rain is his only family and his only friend. But when she has to stay in the hospital he finds himself in foster care, and attending grade 8 at a public school.

At this particular school, the cool kids in grade 8 always arrange for the nerdiest, most awkward, clueless, or outcast kid to be voted class president. The kids are overjoyed when they find Cap in their midst. He is elected president within a very short time. The bullies are delighted, and set about torturing him. But things don’t go exactly as planned. And soon, things begin to become very different at the school.

This is a fun read. A quick read. Full of Korman’s trademark pranks and gags. I wouldn’t call it one of Korman’s best books. But it is definitely worth a read.

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