Sunday, November 25, 2007

One Month to Christmas!

Well, today is November 25th. Exactly one month - or 30 days - to Christmas!

It is going to be a busy month, it always is. But a great one too. It started off well Saturday with a one-month-to-Christmas Eve trip to the Toronto One of a Kind Show! While we started with a big crew, somehow we all got separated. Not sure how that happened. But it was a super trip anyway. I got a couple gifts for others, and a couple gifts for myself (I totally deserve them, its all good). I think I might go back some day this week to pick up a couple other gifts I was waffling on.

Then A, K, and their lovely mother let me tag along for a birthday/congratulatory dinner. Thanks ladies!

Not only is Christmas coming, but also about 8? 9? birthdays. This is a totally busy celebration month. But it is all good. What could be better than birthdays and carols and decorations and delicious food? Yay!

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