Sunday, November 18, 2007

More on the tree trimming

Well, the Deranged Christmas Fairy's second annual mid-November tree trimming was a great success! After the Vaughan-of-a-kind (ah ah ah) show, I got to help make some Christmas cookies (of which only a few were burned). Then, the guests began to arrive, and much food was enjoyed. Tons of yummy appetizers, followed by slow cooker beef with mashed potatoes and squash. Delicious!

Finally, the tree trimming itself got underway.

Action shot of the tree being trimmed.

Signal assisting with unpacking the decorations.

Another action tree trimming shot.

K gave us a stellar advertisement for Shoppers' Drug Mart method brand seasonal soaps and household cleaners. I may pick some up this afternoon.

Finally, we put a kitschy DVD of a burning log with Christmas music in the background on the screen to add a seasonal flare. Signal gave us a demonstration of the dangers ahead should he ever meet a real fireplace, with real fire. Eeek! But totally adorable when on the TV.

That's one more item to check off your Checklist for a Perfect Christmas! Next year you might consider a cinammon theme. I hear copper coloured metallic trees are really really nice. And don't resemble a rusty dead tree at all.


ru said...

we look like we had so much fun! i am glad we are us! or them? anyway.

MadJenny said...

Being us is pretty swell isn't it!?! I think we're great.