Thursday, November 22, 2007

If you needed a reason

to jump OFF the anti-choice bandwagon, this is it.

Why is it okay to equate women with shipping boxes? How can that be? When they are so very concerned about the fetus? How can you completely disregard the humanity of the woman, when you are claiming to be so passionate about humanity?


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False Prophet said...

Back in grad school, someone threw a similar argument at me, though instead of shipping boxes, the metaphor was "would you detonate a condemned building if you knew there was a chance someone was still inside?" I guess that one's even worse than the shipping box.

Unfortunately back then, the proper response didn't occur to me until a couple of hours after the argument: we can disagree whether the fetus is a human being or not all day long. But the woman is definitely a human being. To be anything other than pro-choice is to be against her freedoms and liberties, and those of all women. Control over anyone's reproductive system should never be given over to the state, a church, or anyone other than the person themself.

And ""? STFU.