Friday, November 09, 2007

Embossing and Felting and Beading, oh my!

Continuing the weeks of Christmas crafting leading up to the big event, the Deranged Squirrel (everyone's favourite Christmas obsessive) and I worked on making our own Christmas cards today. Everyone should find their own Deranged Squirrel to craft with, because she has fun things like fancy stamps, and an embossing tool! And embossing = fun! It is, however, something that I should not generally be allowed to do, as it involves carefully spreading powder over the surface to be embossed, and gently removing the excess. This, in my first attempt also involved knocking over the tray that was catching the above mentioned excess, and sticking my thumb in the carefully spread powder, thus ruining the pattern. That aside, I made some fun little cards. Only 2 really, so you likely won't get one.

I've also been playing with felt and ribbons and beads this week. So my house is a disaster, and I keep finding tiny beads everywhere, but on the whole, I'm on track with my gift making.

But I'm not showing you any pictures, cause its meant to be a surprise. So there.

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