Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dwight K. Schrute: Moustached Man

You all know about my love affair with The Office. With all things Office, both UK and US. With the characters. The stories. The weirdness of it all. I can't get enough - although I have to say, the hour long episodes at the beginning of this season were a little more than enough. This show's genius is in its fast pace and the crispness of the humour. It is so suited the half hour format, and I am so glad it is back to that. I will take 22 minutes of pure genius over 44 minutes of mostly genius any day.

Now, what you might not be as aware of is my love of the moustache. A moustache, to me, is a thing to be enjoyed, ridiculed, admired, and giggled over to almost no end. What is funnier with a moustache? Would Groucho Marx have been as funny without that giant hank of hair dangling above his cigar? Or Hercule Poirot? Could he have been anywhere near as precious without his perfectly manicured facial adornment?

So this week, when not one, but three Office characters put on a moustachy "disguise" I was in heaven! Just look at that! A thing of beauty if there ever was. Sure, this kind of broad humour isn't why I watch The Office. It's the awkward silences, the shock of the real, the painful discomfort of that pack of misfits interacting, that I love. But the odd bit of over-the-top funny is also welcome.

I was a little worried about this season, now that one of the larger story arcs has come to a sort of conclusion, but it seems to be holding itself together well. In fact, I feel like much of this season is showing a return to the glories of season 2, which has been my favourite to date. Season 3 was very fraught, full of drama. This season, while we have had some of the greatest moments of drama yet (Dwight in the stairwell I think being the highlight) it has been tempered by the lightness and randomness that was so glorious in season 2.

And finally, because, being an almost-in-her-right-mind female I'm also madly in love with Jim. And who isn't really? I have to mention just how cute he was in his Irish costume. Not quite as adorable as poor little Toby in a bowtie (for which I sadly can't find a picture), but totally Jim-like. Though I was disappointed in him for not reading the book. Poor show Jim.

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