Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Darkwing, by Kenneth Oppel


Darkwing is a prequel, or perhaps an appendix, the the Silverwing books. It takes place at the time when the dinosaurs were dying off, and the world's mammal population began to expand, and to change. Dusk is a young Chiropter who was born different. Chiropters are mammals with sails, who glide from upper branches toward the ground feeding off flying insects on the way down, and who then climb back up the tree trunk. They do not fly. But Dusk cannot fight the urge to fly. And his sails are shaped differently. He seems to be a new, or different, kind of animal.

Meanwhile, Carnassial, a felid who has spent his life hunting for and destroying Saurian eggs finds himself desiring meat, rather than the plants and insects enjoyed by his species. He begins to hunt other animals.

Both characters find themselves different from their kind. Both are new and must find their place in the world.

I quite enjoyed this. It wasn't the page-turning can't put it down adventure of the other bat stories. But, it was a really interesting and engaging read. I would recommend it for an audience that has already read and enjoyed Silverwing. I think it is a little bit older, a little bit more difficult. Still. I liked it, and I recommend it.

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