Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm currently listening to Bones to Ashes, Kathy Reichs' latest entry into her series about Tempe Brennan (aka Bones), a forensic anthropologist. This is a fabulous series of mysteries that take place, for the most part, in either North Carolina or Quebec. I say "listening to" because this is a series that I first enjoyed on audio, and now can't picture reading in print. For some reason I have to get my Bones fixes in the car. Which is almost a pain because right now I want to find out what's happening. I'm at a really exciting part. But I can't bring it into the house! Who knows why. It's a block I have.

Anyway. Kathy Reichs is a really interesting author. My understanding is that she actually is a forensic anthropologist working for North Carolina and Quebec. She really does similar things to the activities of her main character. And yet she's also one of the best mystery writers around. I think. The stories are gripping and exciting.

In this story Tempe and her cop cohort (the sexy Andrew Ryan) and several others, are chasing down some missing girls and trying to identify others whose bodies have been found, but who no one has claimed. Familiar sounding story. Gripping telling. I'm not done yet. I've just started disc 8 of a 9 disc set. But I sure am getting to the climax. The excitement is definitely building!

Probably my favourite Bones adventure yet has been Cross Bones, in which Tempe comes into possession of bones that might have been stolen from the Holy Land in the 1960s, but which might actually date from the time of Christ. And might actually be those of Jesus, or one of his followers. She travels to Jerusalem in a really exciting twist. The story deals with the forensics, but is also a fabulously intriguing exploration of the conflicts between the three major faiths of Jerusalem, and of the importance of symbols as contrasted with the provable. Such a neat book.

This week I also watched two episodes of Bones the Fox series based loosely on the books. Or, at least, based loosely on the character of Tempe Brennan. These take place in, I think, Washington, D.C.? Tempe works in a hugely futuristic feeling government lab, with a bunch of really fun lab geeks who really make the show. The Andrew Ryan Canadian cop character has been replaced by Agent Booth of the FBI. And pretty much everything else is different. Except that we still have a Tempe. She's still a forensic anthropologist. And the stories are still a lot of fun.

And, despite the fact that Booth lacks Ryan's shockingly blue eyes and overall Canadianess, he is played by David Boreanaz, the soulful vampire of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fame. So it isn't all bad.

Anyway, the repeat episode they showed this week was about Pirate Treasure! Forensics, fast-talking lab geeks, lab geeks getting over excited about pirates, and pirates. Joy!

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