Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bonemender's Choice

Bonemender's Choice, by Holly Bennett

Canadian/YA or older children/Fantasy

This is the third installment in the Bonemender series by Holly Bennett. Book 2, Bonemender's Oath, was previously reviewed on this blog here. As Bonemender's Choice opens, six years have passed and Gabrielle and Feolan have been living with the elves. Gabrielle's powers have developed and she has become an even stronger healer. However, all is not well in the kingdom. Pirates have been invading the coast.

When Gabrielle's niece and nephew, Madeleine and Mathieu are kidnapped, the adventure begins. The narrative is divided between the children and Gabrielle, Feolan, Dominic, and crew who are racing to save them.

Like the other books this story also involves many opportunities for Gabrielle to show her healing powers. Just when it looks like they might save the children from the piratic threat they are faced with a new threat - a terrible disease.

The story is gripping and exciting. Familiar characters from the first two books are developed, and we grow to care about the outcome.

A great series, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it further develops.

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Azura said...

Ooo! There's a third one? I'm reading the second one right now and I love it!