Sunday, October 21, 2007

Urban Oasis

Yesterday was beautiful. Sunny. A bit of a breeze. Temperatures in the high teens. Perfect!
So I went to High Park for part of the afternoon. First, I stopped by the Organic market and picked up a couple over-priced but delicious "Ambrosia" apples (Ambrosia being the kind of apple, not the descriptor, although they really were delicious). Then, wandered around the park. There were a few weddings having pictures taken, and lot's of other people out enjoying what was probably one of the very last perfect weekend days of the year.

When you look at that setting, it is so hard to imagine that you are in the centre of Toronto (or west, but in the city). You feel like you're out somewhere in nature. I love it.

I was amazed at how green many of the trees still were. There was colour, but it could have been September to look at the trees.

This elderly couple were really sweet. I watched them in a slightly freakish and stalkerish way for awhile. They were feeding the swans and taking pictures. I love that in this big city where it is so easy to become dehumanized and lost in the bustle, there's this place. This giant place where people are just people, and where there are trees and water and space.

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