Monday, October 08, 2007

Thanksgiving in July!

.... or at least, that's how it feels!

Inspired by HeddaDabbler, I've changed my template to be more fall-themed. Autumnal, if you will. It is still a work in progress, so if you notice any problems, or if it hurts your eyes, let me know!

So, this was a tres bizarre weekend of above seasonal temperatures. So warm in fact that after Saturday's rain storm ended I actually had a swim in the unnaturally warm Lake Simcoe!
No one really needs to see me in a bathing suit, but to document the occasion, I did take a traditional foot shot, complete with should-have-been-removed polish, flip flops, beach towel, and fall leaves. Just in case you need proof.

Sadly, we were in the water because we needed to bring in the tracks and dock for the cottage. And we also put up all the window shutters. Summer goes so fast. And now we won't be there until Victoria Day, or later.

After closing up the cottage we went to my cousins' ski chalet. R. and I arrived first, so I was very very brave indeed and took the dog for a walk by myself. For those who know my fear of dogs, you will recognize just what a breakthrough that was. The only rough patch in proceedings was when W&G arrived with Geri the Bunny in the car and the dog actually launched herself at the vehicle trying to get at the rabbit. She was literally too strong for me.

Here she is trying to go after the bunny again later on.Not that she was vicious about it. Just interested. And very very excited. She's a beautiful Golden Retriever though, isn't she!

Sunday was incredibly foggy, but we went for a bit of a hike anyway. The hills and valleys, and especially the wooded areas are gloriously mysterious in the mist.

There is nothing quite like coming back from a hike to the smell of turkey roasting. Yummmm.

Today was brighter. But. And there is a big but. It was insanely hot! Note the shorts below! It was beautifully sunny, but we're told that the temperature was up to 37 C where we were. Sadly I hadn't brought any shorts. So I was uber-cool in my jeans rolled up with my hiking boots (also not photographically recorded). It was gorgeous out. And, in true Thanksgiving-on-tv-style, we actually threw the football around a bit, and stranger that anything, I actually managed to catch it some of the time and throw it in generally the right direction! Breakthrough again!

I love the fall. All the colours are delightful. But this year, not quite as spectacular as often. Perhaps because it is still so warm? Perhaps because it has been quite a dry summer? Not so red I guess is what's missing. But then, perhaps by next week it will be here. We can only hope!


Maggie said...

Lovely pictures! I for one, though, found it quite disconcerting here in London to have to have the A/C on for Thanksgiving dinner. Very weird. :)

MadJenny said...

Yes, it was quite distressing to be so overheated while chopping up the turnip, etc.