Monday, September 10, 2007

Signs that Autumn is almost upon us?

Yesterday at the library all of the customers were coming in with sweaters and jackets. The day before? Shorts and t-shirts. It was an overnight change. And it will likely happen again. Tomorrow or the next day shorts could be back. But still, it is the principle of the thing.

This morning, I actually changed the wreath on my door from the spring/summer floral wreath, to the autumn leaves and yellow/orange flower wreath. I've been wanting to for days, but this morning I broke down and did it.

And, I live in an old neighborhood, so there are lots and lots of old trees on the road. The colour? Still greenish, but there are some lovely reds and oranges starting to appear.

I love autumn. It is my favourite season. But I don't think I'm quite ready yet. Summer went far to fast this year.


Canadian Economist said...

I think you should make a magical return to Halifax. Although the Quad is buzzing with new students, and leaves are still green, the cool wind is blowing around; it is coming: The kick the leaves on Larch Street feeling. I know you miss it. The Wardroom is having an Alumni event next week. Do you want to CP?

MadJenny said...

Oh! I loved kicking the leaves on Larch Street. Up and down the hill, swishing through the piles. And that glorious smell! I used to love walking home in the morning after my Alex Hall overnight shift before anyone else was up through those leaves.

That would be awesome to do Alumni CPing! Team party CP could rock it!
I did get that invite, and I really wish I could go. It would be great to be there again, and to see some of the Kings people. Maybe next year I'll be rich and can afford plane fare...