Sunday, July 29, 2007


Yesterday I was at "The Docks" in Toronto for the first time ever, and I was struck by the view of Toronto from the opposite side to that which I am accustomed.

It really is a spectacular view. I think a lot of the time, living in a city, you lose sight of its beauty. But isn't that glorious?

So, a new goal for me this year is to look more closely at the place where I live. To see it in all its glory and all its filth. I'm going to be an explorer in my own land.

Another thing I noticed last night for the first time ever were the Gargoyles on the Old City Hall. I've been passed there innumerable times and never looked up. Well, not anymore. From now on, eyes to the skies, and points in between. Anyone who wants to participate in some exploratory field trips let me know, I'm on a mission.


False Prophet said...

I'm always amazed that a place like The Docks thrives in the middle of the grungiest industrial area in Toronto.

I've been there for a handful of concerts over the years. The venue holds a lot of people, but it sucks for a rock show: there's a huge bar in the middle of the club that blocks the view of the stage for half the attendees. Last time I was there though, Muse put on a great show.

MadJenny said...

Also at The Docks the bathrooms are completely inconvenient and kind of gross. I wouldn't know about the concerts. As you know. I do not do concerts. I was just there for the Go Karting. And that was awesome.

False Prophet said...

I found this flickr group for urban photography in TO.

Also, I think I remember some kind of urban spelunking group that posted their photos...maybe it was this.