Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crafty Projects at Every Turn!

I've been a blogging disaster of late. Really. I don't know what my problem is. I haven't been particularly excited about much of the new stuff I've been reading, so that's one thing - no reviews. And, well, I've been busy.

And one of the things I've been busy with is crafting! Or, planning for crafting more than the actual crafting. Which is more fun anyway.

So, first I finally got around to making a door decoration for the springtime. I got all the stuff last year, and finally made it this year! Naked apartment doors are so boring and blah. I like to spice mine up a little with some granny art stylings!

The fun part about this one is that I actually made the wreath itself out of grapevines that were trying to strangle a cedar hedge at the cottage. Take that Martha Stewart!

I've also been doing some sewing. A month or so ago I found some nice material to make some window dressings for my kitchen window. My kitchen is very dull, and when I get the curtains finished I will be sure to post a before and after shot. They will be a nice sunny yellow and a lovely lime green. I'm hoping they brighten up the white white space.

And, today, I went over to Fabricland to get material for some curtains for the cottage living room. They didn't have enough fabric in any pattern I liked. So, I got fabric for curtains for the bedroom I sleep in at the cottage. Why? Because the blinds are broken and I'd rather not put on a bizarre reverse strip show every time I get ready to swim! I'm going to start these tomorrow night or Thursday.
The fabric might be construed as bordering a little on the down-home country. But this is for a cottage people! The green is for the body of the curtain and the pink is for trim and ties. The colours are to match my little girl white with pink roses comforter that we are currently using on the bed in there. I think it will be nice and bright.

And finally, when we were having a pre-wedding open house and decided at the last moment that we needed a guest book, only to be foiled at all the stores, and wound up with a scrapbook instead, I fell into the world of scrapbooking. So look out all you scrapbookers out there - I'm going to be coming after you with questions galore!

And now, having exposed myself as a biddy-style crafter, banishing myself for evermore to the world of spinster-librarianism, I bid you goodnight!


Maggie said...

I just wish I could *find* my sewing machine. It's in the basement mess somewhere, and I'm not allowed to use it till the basement gets cleaned.

Nice wreath! I love grapeviney things. :D

ru said...

so are we supposed to call you grannifer? the second half of grandrea's crafting duo?