Saturday, May 05, 2007

Photography again

Lately I've been trying to take a picture of this tree near my house. I know how I want the picture to look, but I can't get it. Maybe my equipment's not good enough, maybe I don't have the skills. This is sort of what I want.

This almost achieves the sense of depth I'm looking for - with a prominent interesting part at the front, and the rest of the tree some way back into the background. But I can't figure out how to bring the front to the fore, and send the rest into the background. Anyone have any ideas?

Failing that, I've been trying to get other interesting forms in the floral parts of the tree. I really like this flower as it is, but the rest is too busy in the background. Any thoughts?

And then, I was also trying some light effects. I rather like this. But it is still not entirely successful. I think maybe the bright is getting to be too bright. But, I'm not sure.
I don't particularly like not being able to do something perfectly right away. I don't suppose anybody does. But, it is very frustrating, because I can see in my mind how I want it to look, and it is just not happening.


Anonymous said...

Those are really beautiful pictures - apparently a lot of wedding/baby/occasions of all sorts photographers start out with photography as a hobby and it turns into a fun little part-time job on weekends. Could that be the way Mad Jenny be heading? Digi cams really are amazing!

MadJenny said...

That would be fun eh? Maybe in a few years. I also have the cat-sling business in the works seen here:

Apparently there is a lot of demand.

Maybe I can give up librarianship completely in order to concentrate on my hobby careers.