Thursday, April 26, 2007

Photographic Inclination

Over on Facebook, m posted a few really lovely nature type shots. And that got me thinking about some of the beautiful places I've seen, and also some of my own picture collection. There was a time when I wanted to be a photographer. I took a couple classes, learned how to develop my own film, how to use a manual focus camera, etc. I don't really know why I gave up on the dream. Anyway, I think maybe I'm going to occasionally post some of my own favourite pictures on here. Starting with this one.

This is Glencoe, in Scotland. Scotland is, I think, one of the most photogenic countries around. Probably because the colours are so rich, and there is often so much moisture in the air that the effects you can achieve are truly spectacular. Looking at that image, it is hard to imagine that Glencoe is the scene of some of the bloodiest battles and massacres in the incredibly bloody history of the country.

For more on the history of Glencoe, check out this article at ElectricScotland.


M said...

Hooray for nice art pictures. I love scenery. In fact, the more that I look at my pictures, the more I think it could be cool as a second/additional career!

MadJenny said...

It would totally be cool as a second/additional career. You do really great portraits of Signal too.
I say, go for it!