Friday, April 20, 2007

Better than Blonde

Better than Blonde, by Teresa Toten


Sequel to Me and the Blondes

Better than Blonde picks up almost where Me and the Blondes left off. The summer has now passed, and Sophie is getting ready to start grade 10. And, something wonderful has happened, her father has been cleared of all charges, and is home from the Kingston Penitentiary. Things couldn't be better. Except that everyone at school thinks her father is dead, and he's maybe not so cured of his alcoholism after all, and Madison is maybe not so ready to share her own secrets with the blondes, and Luke is still dating Alison.

I feel like this is maybe even better than the first book, and that is saying something, because I thought Me and the Blondes was one of last year's best books. All of the best characters are back, and there's even an Auntie wedding! And, Sophie is going through a lot of maturing and development. Plus, in this installment, we meet a public librarian who as been a huge influence on Sophie's life. Incidentally, her name is Mrs. Setterington in what one can only assume to be an homage to Canada's most famous children's librarian.

This is really well written, and would compare well with the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. It has the same sort of chick lit appeal with added weight of realistic characters and situations, and truly moving moments and relationships. An excellent series.

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