Thursday, March 01, 2007

TV has redeemed itself, a little

Directly after publishing the preceding rant, I got a call from my mother to let me know that CBC's Opening Night was airing a documentary about Guillaume Côté. Who? Just one of the most fascinating and amazingly talented young dancers in Canada! This guy is incredible. And, it turns out, he is also a composer of music to which people dance in professional productions So cool. Really. He's currently 25 or 26 - principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada - doing solo work since he was a record setting 19.

Well, I'm a fan. I have been since I was watching his performances when he was a student at the National Ballet School. And it was a fantastic documentary. A clear sign that I should stop watching network reruns and watch more documentaries on the CBC.

The only problem with watching things like this is it makes me wonder what the heck I'm doing with my own life. Really. This dude has already done so much - will do so much more that is incredibly creative and exciting. And where am I? Wilting away in a job I only half love, dreaming of things I never attempt.

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