Friday, March 16, 2007

Too Advanced for the Government

Gah! Gah!

How frustrating is it when the government's E-systems recognize only certain browsers, and none of the 3 browsers you have are there. Why? Because your browsers are more advanced than the one's the government's system recognizes. Are you cutting edge? NO, you just download the appropriate updates when your browser tells you it wants to be updated. Sure, the system let's you on. It leads you on. It lulls you a false sense of security. Makes you think everything will be fine. Then WON'T PROPERLY PRINT THE BLOODY FORMS YOU JUST FILLED OUT!!

Le sigh. I've been trying to get my passport forms ready so my (not blood relation) uncle can sign them for me tonight. But, alas, it will have to wait for another day. And why? Because the government appear to be a bunch of Luddites who can't keep with the times.


False Prophet said...

Hmm--when I filled out my passport application online, I used Firefox and just ignored the warnings ePass gave me. I didn't seem to have any problems. What exactly happened in your case?

MadJenny said...

I used Firefox and ignored the warnings. Everything went seemingly well. But it won't print the signature blocks properly. So then I tried printing from a newer version of Netscape - Print Preview looks fine, but it prints the page at about double the size - no amount of mucking around will fix it. So then I tried printing from IE7- and again the page won't format, no matter how much I fiddled with the page setup, margins, headers, etc.

Anyway, I missed that signing opportunity, so I'll print it elsewhere another time to be signed.

False Prophet said...

Wait, I remember this problem--didn't the site give you directions how to correct it? Something about adjusting the margins.

MadJenny said...

Yes it did. Which I followed. But as they are for different versions of the browser, they were not particularly helpful.