Sunday, March 25, 2007

And Life Goes On

It is hard to believe that a week has gone by. That the world has changed, but has not come to a crashing end. And, wondrously, when we visited the cemetery today, the flower arrangement placed there Thursday (created Wednesday) was still beautiful, and very much alive, and very lovely. I guess it has been the perfect combination of cool, without freezing, a damp to keep cut flowers looking their best.

Today was a lovely day. I took the subway down to meet my mom, aunt, cousin, and cousin-in-law at the Four Seasons Centre to see the ballet. I was a good half hour early because of the bus I have to take only coming once every half hour on Sundays, so I wandered along Queen St., got a coffee, and enjoyed some people watching at the very busy corner of Queen and University. People are more friendly when Spring starts to show signs of arriving, and I had a nice chat with some lost tourists who were interested in the ballet.

And, the ballet itself was awesome! A mixed bill: Eliot Field's A Footstep of Air, based on Scottish and Irish folksongs as arranged by Beethoven and sung by a Soprano, Tenor, and Baritone soloist; Jerome Robbins' Opus 19:, The Dreamer, set to Prokoviev's Violin Conerto number 1, played by James Ehnes, a miraculous violinist; Glen Tetley's Voluntaries.

The first A Footstep of Air was really light and whimsical, and really quite funny. Team R. had a solo which he performed fantastically. So much character and energy. It is awesome that he's getting some show pieces this season.

After the ballet, mom, brother, aunt, and I went to the cemetery, and then to my grandfather's for dinner. It was a lovely quiet evening. And, my grandfather is starting to look ahead to his future and to think about the fact that maybe now he can come to the ballet too, that he can maybe be at the cottage this summer, etc. I know that the next few weeks and months are going to be just awful for him, but I am so so so glad that he is looking at the possibilities for his future life.

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