Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Poll - The Results!

Well, none of us did all that well in this year's Oscar poll, but the grand winner was J.L.! Congratulations! So much for not knowing anything about the movies, eh? Thanks to all who participated!

So, here are the results for the Mad Jenny Category, as voted by those present at the live event:

1. Performance by an interviewer from an embarrassing television program

The guy who we don't know his name who was wandering around backstage during the actual show making really embarrassing comments and jokes.

Runner-up - Ryan Seacrest showing his underwear to the camera in front of Helen Mirren (of all people) - classy!

2. Most Beautiful Gown

Queen Latifah

3. Most Horrifyingly Ugly Gown

Jennifer Lopez - if you are married to Mark Antony, you should not dress like Cleopatra. You just shouldn't.

(with points also awarded to Nicole Kidman - Nicole, what happened to you???)

4. Suavest Suit/Tux

Will Smith

5. Most excruciatingly ill conceived withdrawal from the traditional tuxedo motif

The Costume Designer who won for Marie Antoinette - Man oh man that thing was retched
(runners-up - Ellen's first velour looking suit and Clive Owen)

6. Best Wardrobe Malfunction

Jennifer Hudson who had some crazy bra action going on during the singing. As Ms. D would say, the girls were in grave danger of popping out.

7. Star most talked about for having recently split from a spouse/significant other - with much discussion of said star's bravery or folly in showing up solo at the ceremony

Cameron Diaz

(runner-up, Reese Witherspoon, but that was mostly us talking about how she looks too thin, and she looks a lot better with rounder cheeks, and that her chin looks painful now, but that she's still cool anyway)

8. Most Memorable Acceptance Speech

Forrest Whitaker

9. Most strained and awkward face during an embarrassing close-up on a non-winner during the winner's walk to the stage and speech

Penelope Cruz

And a couple of write-in Mad Jenny Categories

  • Best William Shatner impersonation:
Jodie Foster (Martin Scorcese runner-up)

  • Best Translation:
Clint Eastwood - is there anything he can't do?


Maggie said...

Ha! I can't belive I didn't catch that 'Mark Antony'/'Cleopatra' thing Jennifer Lopez had going. That's hilarious! ;)

MadJenny said...

Sadly I cannot claim credit for having caught that either. But, a genius bit of humour.