Sunday, February 11, 2007

I want to be Neil Gaiman, or his webelf, when I grow up.

Really. Check this out.

Also check out how he labels his posts - genius!


False Prophet said...

Neil Gaiman linked to a broadcast of Penn Jillette's radio show last week where Penn spent most of the show discussing how Neil has written 90% of the films being released this year, and how Neil is god of the internet.

Listen here--I was on the floor!

"Hollywood has changed their mind now. They used to look at a lot of scripts, now they just call up Neil Gaiman and shower him with money...this email he wrote me is going to become at least--at least--an independent film."

Maggie said...

Ha! That's hilarious!!

MadJenny said...

That Penn Jillette things is funny. And true. There are sooo many movies coming out this year. I am totally excited about "Stardust" and also "Coraline". Although Coraline has Teri Hatcher as the voice of the Mother/Other Mother, which does not bode well.

False Prophet said...

Yeah, but the supporting characters are voiced by French and Saunders, and John Hodgman! That should be awesome.

Canadian Economist said...

Hey thanks for sharing this cool stuff. Later, when I hope my office hours and no one shows, I will give a listen - sounds interesting. If everyone is LA is consuming Neil Gaiman, maybe I can corner the East Coast market? What do you think of my title: "Economist goes mad: investments fly everywhere!" - Ok, maybe it needs a little work.