Saturday, February 03, 2007

And, while I'm in a posting flurry...

Has everyone heard the exciting news????

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - in stores, July 21, 2007!!!!

I find this odd, as the movie of Order of the Phoenix is supposed to be released in North America on July 13. That seems like a lot of concentration. I would have expected them to spread things out a little more. But, what do I know really.

Anyway, I'm super excited. Let the predictions begin!


James Bow said...

Snape's still a good guy, and his killing of Dumbledore was all part of Dumbledore's cunning plan. :-)

I've tried to find your e-mail address on your site, but was not successful, so I thought I'd comment. I hope you don't mind. I've been impressed by your blog and I've added it to my blogroll. We like many of the same things, from "A Wrinkle in Time" to "Harry Potter". I even know Kathy Stinson, and have attended her writing workshops for the past five years.

We were both at the OLA Superconference, and if you were at Dundurn booth Friday at 11, or at the CANSCAIP 2006 launch at noon, you might have heard me speak. My name is James Bow and I'm the author of "The Unwritten Girl". The sequel, "Fathom Five" is coming out at the end of April, and both are moderately inspired by Madeleine L'Engle's works.

I'm wondering if you accept books for reviews, as I would be happy to get Dundurn to send one your way. You could read more about them on the books' website at I also blog at, and you can see some of the reviews I do there as well.

MadJenny said...

Ok. No. Snape is fully evil. And I stand by that statement! So there. Malfoy jr. on the other hand...
Actually maybe I'm torn. Who knows.

Anyway, thanks so much! I saw some of the CANSCAIP presentation, but unfortunately I think I missed yours. I would love to receive reviewer copies! Really, it is so exciting to me that people are interested in what I might have to say about anything. I would be honoured.

I'm going to figure out how to email you. And, thanks for pointing out that the email option had disappeared from the blog. I put it back on the profile.

Maggie said...

Hmm ... I'm going to have to agree with James on this one, Jenn - Snape is definitely good! I think because of that potion Dumbledore had to drink when he was saving Harry, he *asked* Snape to kill him. The potion was going to kill him anyway, and probably in a very agonizing way. I think Snape was doing Dumbledore a favour.

False Prophet said...

Found this funny prediction of events surrounding the release of HP 7.

Count me with the "Snape is still good" camp. I'm biased; he's been one of my favourite characters throughout the series.

Funny true story from this weekend: a friend of mine told me about the time when she dressed up as a Jedi to stand in line for Revenge of the Sith, then went to the Chapters next door to use the washroom, and saw all these people dressed as witches and wizards. When she asked what was up, they told her they were waiting for the release of Half-Blood Prince.

She said "those people were geeks. At least I was dressed up for something cool." To which I responded, "No, you weren't." ;-)