Friday, February 09, 2007

Am I the only one who finds

this test somewhat offensive?

You Are a Liberal Lady

Like Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, you don't shy away from your liberal causes.
You may consider yourself a feminist, and you definitely trust your heart to tell you what's right.
You are likely to have a million issues you care about - and not nearly enough time to devote to them all.
Are You a Liberal Lady or a Conservative Chick?

Or, maybe I should say - am I the only one who finds this write-up about the results offensive? No. Also the test. The test is also offensive.


Deranged Squirrel said...

"you may consider yourself a feminist" What the hell does that mean?

MadJenny said...

I also like how I'm being equated with two complete bimbettes. Is this supposed to make me feel all powerful, because they played "powerful" women in the "charlie's Angels" movies? Really?

The questions are just as bad, and totally essentialist.

Matthew said...

I think that the poor, ill-informed individual is unfortunately the product of the American Public School system or even worse a watcher of Fox News.

In Canada, Liberal is a political party in the Lower 48 its a dirty word used by the mostly conservative controlled media to describe people who have the ability to think for themselves.

Here is an example that I found on Urban Dictionary


noun: A person who, because of a brilliantly ineffectual two-party system, has been made out as the "enemy of democracy" in the minds of those currently in power. Every vicious, hateful post against these people (and against conservatives) helps take our minds off of the real ills of society so that we may feel like we're doing good by hating SOMETHING.

Bill: We should fight poverty.
Jim: Yeah, but you wouldn't know how, because you're a stupid pot-smoking hippie naive liberal.
Bill: Well you're a heartless selfish conservative, and I hate your views!
Jim: I hate your views too!
Bill: Well, I feel better about fighting poverty now.

MadJenny said...

Hi Matthew! Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to try some of the Firefox modifications you have explained on your extremely informative blog. This is Matthew from the Angel's Roost, right?

I concur that the essentialism here seems derived from a specifically American, and a specifically small viewpoint. What bugs me is the triteness of the thing. I'm not going to get all FYPpy on this thing, but basically - I am a liberal thinker - this does not make me a supporter of the Liberal Party, or of the American Democratic Party. But, that affiliation is all that is allowed for in the quiz. Also, the quiz makes it sound like women's political affiliations across the spectrum are somehow cute. It is like saying "I am Liberal, I like pink, and I like pop music - yipeee! Now wherever could those adorable little lefty shoes have gotten to? I've got some good works to do! I couldn't possible be a feminist without my pink pumps!"

Or something like that.

I'm going to have to explore that Urban Dictionary a little more. It looks like an interesting project. Thanks for pointing it out!

False Prophet said...

Well, I selected all the obviously "conservative" answers, by which I mean socially conservative answers, since none of these questions had anything to do with economics (maybe the single mothers question, but only tangentially), or foreign policy. Here's the write-up if you're a "Conservative Chick":

Like Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Ann Coulter, you're conservative and proud of it.
You speak your mind, even if everyone else around you disagrees.
As you see it, you have to stand up for traditional values and what's right.

So, this test is fair, in that "conservatives" are also associated with complete bimbettes, although Hasselback and Coulter have "journalistic" cred. This is more a factor of the way "conservatism" has dominated the US media, than any actual ability on their parts. I read the first chapter of Coulter's Godless: The Church of Liberalism, and found it just a ranting screed on a whole lot of nothing. (As a friend noted, "Does she ever make a point?") I ended up rewriting half the chapter into
Brainless: The Insanity of Conservatism.

For a better take of your political alignment, I highly recommend The Political Compass. Which I think I got you and the Deranged Squirrel to take once. ;-)

MadJenny said...

You did! But I'd forgotten my score - so I took it again:

Economic Left/Right: -8.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian:

I don't think I've seen Brainless yet. Its not on the blog is it?

False Prophet said...

Hmm, I took the Political Compass again:

Economic Left/Right: -3.00
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.08

I shifted a bit Left (I'm usually around -2.4) and a bit towards Authoritarian (I can vary from -6.0 to -4.0).

I've only sent Brainless to one friend, but since you requested it, I'll post it to False Prophecy.

Matthew said...

I scored

Economic Left/Right: -3.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.62

But I think the test is biased against Canadian who like the CBC and health care.

But I have taken a similar test on
Okcupid Politics Test Which I liked much better for its explanation of the results of the test. I also like that it put more progressive(more the the left) on the right side of the graph. Which is great because anyone knows that the positive X values are "better" than the negative ones.

MadJenny said...

The link there doesn't work.

But, I think I found it:

My score on The Politics Test:


Social Liberal
(You scored 70% Personal Liberty and 30% Economic Liberty!)

"A social liberal believes in little to moderate government intervention on personal matters and moderate to high government intervention on economic matters. They tend to be opposed to war, police powers, victimless crimes, and what they may consider to be a corporate state or rogue capitalism. They generally support personal liberty and believe in a social safety net or welfare state. They support self-ownership and privacy. Social liberals are essentially the "mainstream" left and left of center."


Take it!

I guess I scored slightly more centrist on that one. Though, to be fair, I didn't know what some of the American specific questions meant, so I could have been answering differently than I meant to answer. Anyway, am much less offensive test than the first we looked at - no bimbettes in sight.

False Prophet said...

I must have found a slightly different OKCupid Political Quiz, because the one I did, I got the same results as MadJenny (again!) and was told I was a Democrat (between Socialist and Centrist). Yes, the one I took was a very US-biased quiz.

MadJenny said...

Dude. You've totally got to stop copying off my test paper. The teacher's gonna notice.

Canadian Economist said...

I started taking the test, then stopped. I am an Canadian economist - I was worried that the test would explode. But my best guess: I am in the free-market-with-public-goods-liberal/conservative
camp. I don't fit well in boxes.

MadJenny said...

That's the problem with these tests, isn't it. They force people into boxes.

librariana said...

Extremely offensive. How'd you stumble upon it?

MadJenny said...

It was a suggested test for people who took the personality test linked directly before it. Most of the tests on the site are pretty awful, but some are kind of fun.