Tuesday, February 06, 2007

6 Weird and Otherwise Unknown Things About Me

The question of course being - what about me isn't weird?

I've been Tagged!
The game - to think of 6 weird and otherwise unknown things about yourself.
Actually, this is really hard.

  1. Like Hedda and Deranged Squirrel, I am also a friend to all things and people imaginary. My particular imaginary friend was Judy. Judy was a performer. She put on shows called "Judy on Stage". Many people could give you an account of her stunning feats of artistic and theatrical genius. Sadly, she has gone into retirement, but there is always hope that she will come out for that much anticipated reunion tour.
  2. I love the airport and train stations. Sometimes I just go to these places to hang out and watch people. There is something very heightened about human activity on the edge of travel. I like to make up stories to myself about where they are going and what they are doing and who all the people with them are. That may sound weird and stalkerish - but it is not, I swear. Ok, maybe a little, but if I say I wear a beret, false mustache, and dark glasses would it make it any better?
  3. Like False Prophet, I carry notebooks around. I like to write interesting things in them, or observations from the stalking sessions (above). Unlike False Prophet, they do not have a pretentious name. Sadly I do not have much in the way of old notebooks because once, in a fit of embarrassment, I destroyed them. I am now in ongoing mourning. Never let me do that again.
  4. I love to wear PJs. Whenever I'm at home I'm wearing flannel PJ bottoms (sometimes it is too warm for the top, so I wear a t-shirt instead). When people mention wearing jeans or skirts when they are at home I get confused. Who would do that? Why wouldn't they be in their flannel being comfy?
  5. I have absolutely no problem with getting up to speak in front of several hundred people. I'm perfectly comfortable with that. But, ask me to talk with one person with whom I'm not already comfortable and forget it. I'm a wreck.
  6. And, with a little help from the Deranged Squirrel - the literariness of my blog is inversely proportional to the amount of time I spend in company with other librarians. Figure that one out if you can.
I now Tag all readers who have not yet been tagged. I'll be checking your blogs people.


Canadian Economist said...

Very interesting! I have a question: Are airports and train stations like smoke filled-smelly-basement bars-in-Halifax? I think I see a connection: people watching is good, but alcohol induced craziness is better?

MadJenny said...

Yes. But then again, most emphatically no. Airports are cleaner. That lovely little stinky filthy spot did provide excellent opportunities for viewing heightened human behaviour though. I miss it. I don't miss the scratchy green shirts. (Remember staffing the Bay parties? We were a team man.) But I do miss the bar-away-from-home. And all those silly drunk kids.