Tuesday, January 09, 2007

You Can Run

You Can Run, by Norah McClintock

Another Robyn Hunter Mystery


The main question is - how can an author be this prolific?

In this episode, a girl at Robyn's high school runs away from home. The girl is a freak, and Robyn doesn't particularly like her. But, when the girl's stepfather asks Robyn's dad to help in the search for the girl, Robyn begins to feel guilty, and to get interested in the case.
Robyn relentlessly tracks the girl, with the help of some other troubled teens, who do not want to be involved.

Many of the main characters from the last book are back, including Robyn's love interest Nick, and her best friends. However, none of the characters really develop further, and the plot is not nearly so exciting as in the first Robyn Hunter mystery.

On the whole, this one does not live up to the first book in the series Last Chance, which is a much better mystery, and a much better stand alone book.


librariana said...

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Anonymous said...

I La-La-Loved this book!~