Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ridiculous and Good

Ok, so I know that many of you have not discovered the unending genius of The Office, but I think you might still appreciate these. Do you remember those "The More You Know" Public Service Announcements on NBC? You know the ones, all about not being a bully, staying in school, staying off drugs...
Well, the crazy characters at The Office made their own very important "The More You Know" PSAs - available Here. So funny.

Some of my Favorites (on top of the awesomeness linked above) are:


Maggie said...

BIG Office fan here! Those are hilarious!

P.S. I like the Lipstick one too. ;)

MadJenny said...

That one is good too.

I love how out there that character is becoming. She didn't do much at first, but all of a sudden, halfway through the second season, she got all crazy and talky. Fantastic.