Friday, December 22, 2006

The Quirky Girls' Guide to Rest Stops and Road Trips

The Quirky Girls' Guide to Rest Stops and Road Trips, by Karen Rivers

YA/Canadian/Chick Lit/Coming of Age/Road Trip

This is the third installment in Karen Rivers' series about Haley, the lead character. I haven't read the first two: The Healing Time of Hickeys and The Cure for Crushes: And Other Deadly Plagues. Perhaps this is why the third book didn't really do it for me. It is billed as "Bridget Jones Junior", which it is, in the sense that the main character is a neurotic diarist who gets into ridiculous scrapes. However, I found very little that was appealing about this character. She was too neurotic, and she became unappealing to me in her dimwitted inability to figure out when other characters were mistreating her.

The story here is that Haley has just graduated from high school. Unlike her best friends who are off to do exciting things, Haley didn't get around to applying for college. So, she decides she's going to get her driver's licence and head off on a road trip, to have exciting experiences about which she can write a novel.

There were amusing moments. Things happened that were quite enjoyable. However, the book left me a little flat.

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