Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Question for the Day

Why are so many French men so beautiful?

A day spent in a French store has proven it.


ru said...

m here.

so they let you go and get french books and you ended up getting to spend all day with good looking french men? how is this fair?

although, to be truthful, my little man is awfully good looking too.

MadJenny said...

well it was mostly just the one completely beautiful one, and a few other mildly attractive and some not so much. But the beautiful one was very beautiful and had a lovely accent, which I know because I was too shy to try out my crappy French so we only conversed in English.

Anyway, I think you get to go next year, and I think you might get to do an ARP. So you'll get to go too. And we did try to follow your assessment, so hopefully you'll be cool with what we got.