Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Feast of St. Stephen!

Merry Christmas to all dear readers and friends. And, today, known commonly as Boxing Day in North America, I wish you happy Feast of St. Stephen - as sung of in the ditty about King Wenceslas.

It has been a whirlwind few days, and I am putting it in writing that next year I must book holiday for at least Dec. 27th - I am not ready for Christmas to be done yet. And really, it isn't done until the twelfth day, as celebrated by the Epiphany, and the arrival in the world of me.

On Dec. 23rd, a large group went to see the bro. in the Nutcracker (awesome) preceeded by Thai food at the incongruously named "Queen Mother Cafe". On the 24th, same bro. and I baked a gazillion Christmas cookies and decorated them with slightly startlingly coloured icing. Somehow I managed to not eat any after they were decorated. Strange. I wonder where they got to. We also watched a ton of Christmas specials and went to a very very crowded Church service. On the 25th, we had a partay with my cousins on my mom's side of the family (16 people) - Turkey, lot's of other food, biddy aunt being excessively cute trying to give up her comfy chair to all the young great nephews... we had a secret Santa game gift exchange where I won a bottle of Sherry. Sweet. For some reason I failed to take pics. Too bad.

Then we did traditional Christmas eve family things, as other bro. and fiancee had arrived (bunny in tow). This means annual family Christmas storytime. I always read "The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snatcher" by Robert Krauss which is awesome but out of print, and last time I checked it cost about $500 on alibris. I might start a petition to bring it back into print. For all the Geri the bunny fans out there, here's little Ger. enjoying the stories. She's much better behaved with mommy and daddy around, but I felt vindicated when they too had trouble catching her to back into the cage.

On the 26th Santa had finally arrived so we open family gifts. I got all sorts of fantastic stuff, including a 2 disc set of pirate ballads and chantys. Awesome. I also gave some fantastic stuff. Then we went to my grandparents for Christmas with the cousins on my dad's side of the family (21 people). Cold turkey, meatballs, salads, grandparents being cute, lot's of music.

Me and my Poppy. Can you see a family resemblance? Sometimes. I think. He'll be 90 this April.
Aunt K. and Cousin-in-law S. doing a lovely duet.

And proof that I wasn't lying when I said that the fam. sings the Messiah and other choral music at the partay:


kidletsmum said...

Looks like a fabulous Christmas!!! The bunny update was much appreciated. A taste of the startlingly coloured cookies would be much appreciated too...

ru said...

your family is the kind of family i think i would like to have. they are like a madeleine l'engle family. and i know you know what i mean!

MadJenny said...

I like that much better than what we usually get - which is that we're like the Flanders - of Ned Flanders fame.

I like the idea of a Madeleine L'Engle family. Cool. I do feel pretty lucky about my fam.